Maryland Event at Listening to Wisdom

We are offering 3 package deals which contain savings for those wanting to do multiple events.

Package one is 4 Events and the 2 DNA Activation’s for $200 a $40 savings

Package one200.00 USD`4 events and 2 dna activation's
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Package two is for 4 Events and the Seven Rays Class for $320  a $45 savings

Package Two320.00 USD4 events and Seven Ray's class
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Package three is all 5 events and the 2 DNA Activation’s and Seven Rays class for $430 a $60 savings

Package Three430.00 USD5 Events, 2 DNA Activation's and Seven Ray's class
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DNA Activation Group Talk & Discussion
This is a wonderful group event. Patricia has done this everywhere from living rooms to the Ritz Carlton during High Tea to sailing the high sea’s of the Caribbean and virtually every kind of venue in between. Always a crowd favorite and a truly life changing experience.  More information about this process is on the Key Tools page. Plan on two hours for a group. $50. Event is May 2nd for the first activation 12-2 or 7-9 pm and May 15th for the second activation 12-2 or 7-9 pm price is per person per activation. First activation can be done May 15th as well.

DNA Activation Group50.00 USDDNA Activation Group
DNA Activation Group50.00 USDDNA Activation Group 2
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DNA Activation Group daytime session50.00 USDDNA Activation Group daytime #1
DNA Activation Group daytime#250.00 USDDNA Activation Group daytime #2
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Meet & Greet with International Intuitive, Teacher and Life Speaker Patricia Squires Come meet someone that has seen and lived the Angels and Guides since childhood. Meet someone that had to learn to live in this 3-D world while having one foot in the ‘other’ world at all times.  You will be meeting someone who has died and lived to tell about it.

Patricia has learned to have fun with all the ridiculous (and often challenging) aspects of life while overcoming her own challenges just like everyone else. Patricia has a pragmatic, practical approach and applications of the spiritual wisdom that we all want but don’t always know how to apply.  And reminds us to keep our sense of humor all the while!

If you’ve ever wondered what a clair-‘all of it’ person is like and what she has to offer you and the world? Come meet Patricia and she will share anything you’d like to know about her and this amazing world she lives in! This will not be a ‘message circle’ where she delivers or channels spirit and ancestor messages, but she will share anything she gets during the evening.

This event will also include a group clearing and healing from an issue that is holding you back. This will be done in a group format so we won’t be getting into anyone’s ‘stuff’. Patricia uses an amazing combination process that will leave you feeling lighter and with more clarity. She will also be discussing the DNA Activation process and how it has been a positive impact for the thousands of people who have done it with her (including a bit of her own story as well!)  This is two hour event for $25. Event is being held on May 1st 7-9 pm

Meet & Greet25.00 USDMeet & Greet
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 Chakra Lube Job & Aura Tune Up! 
In this class you will learn about the ‘wheels of energy’ and the epheric ‘layers of energy’ that are part of your body’s always changing genetic make-up. Discover how these energy layers impact your body, mind and spirit AND how you can impact them to achieve healing and wholeness as well as abundance and healthy passion. You will discover simple things you can do to keep your energy clean, like you keep your body clean! You will also learn how to repair aura leaks and tears. This is a two hour class $35. event is held May 8th at 7-9 p.m.

Chakra Lube Job35.00 USDChakra Lube Job & Aura Tune Up!
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Angels & Spirit Guides – Meet Yours!
Who are they? What do they want with us? How can they assist us in our lives? The answer to these and many other questions will be answered during this two hour class event. You will also journey to the place of  light where the angels await you. Visit also the realm of your spirit guides to better develop daily and working relationships with both these divine groups. This is a two hour class $35. May 10th 7-9 pm

Angels & Spirit Guides35.00 USDMeet Angels & Spirit Guides
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Cord Cutting
Patricia will guide you through cutting the energetic cords to the past as well as the present. The energetic cords are a natural occurrence between humans and situations – those that are both joyous and traumatic. These cords remain attached and drain us as well as those we are attached to. Many attachments began or are because of a deep desire to help someone else, and in the process often cripple or hamper the other person as well as ourselves. Cords are also an energetic tie to the past… relationships… traumas… situations that leave us unsettled or upset. With a cord cutting session Patricia will guide you through cutting all cords – those which you may consider either good or bad, enabling you to take your energy back in you and all other energies go to where they originated. As we don’t get into anyone’s ‘stuff’ this is completely appropriate for a group setting. A life changing experience that will have you looking at the world completely differently – and give you your personal energy back! Two hours, $35. Event is held May 13th 7-9 pm

Cord Cutting35.00 USDCord Cutting
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Forgiveness for Everyone! Mark those old emotional debts paid!
Yes, those old hurts and trauma’s are like a debt that you are carrying on your emotional books. Debt that is weighing you down, holding you back and keeping you from living the best life ever. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, not something you give others. Forgiveness does not mean you condone, just that you are letting go. Forgiveness does not change your past, but it sure does change your future. Let Patricia walk you though getting rid of all that debt, that pain, that trauma so you can look at your past, your present and your future clearly and without pain and sadness. We won’t be getting into anyone’s ‘stuff’ so this is perfectly appropriate for a group situation. Patricia is not into the drama-trauma-rehashing of the past, she is all about the joy of Now and the Future!  Give yourself this Joy! Two hours, $35. even is held May 7th 7-9 pm

Forgiveness for Everyone!35.00 USDForgiveness for Everyone!
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Seven Rays; Healing with the Ascended Masters
 This is ancient, yet cutting edge technology within Energy Medicine. This modality profoundly changed Patricia’s life and healing work. With the Seven Rays you have access to seven of the Divine Healing Rays that have specific applications and affects to the human condition. Patricia uses the Rays during individual sessions to target specific physical, mental or emotional issues that can benefit from the presence of the Rays and/or the Ascended Masters that facilitate these Rays, often with astounding results. As with all healing, these Rays come directly from God, and then move through the Temple of the Ascended Masters. At that point the Ray and the Ascended Master come down to and through the earthly healing facilitator, where the energy is then applied to an individual. An intense and strong connection to all the Ascended Masters is part of being a Seven Rays facilitator, expanding an existing relationship (according to those who have attended a workshop), or creating one for you. Personally Patricia’s connection to those non-physical beings was expanded in such a way that she now has access to them in her day to day life, not just when she is ‘in session.’ With the same daily use you can to!

During these workshops you will experience:

  • A guided journey to Meet the Masters (A life altering event!)
  • Discover, cleanse and strengthen your Soul Star and chakra system
  • A journey to Atlantis where you will meet with your own Ascended ‘team’
  • Receive the vibrational change to the frequency of the Ascended Masters where you are a vessel for the Rays for (this is not a ‘learned’ modality, but an ability that is transferred from teacher to student)
  • Extensive practice time with the other workshop members

Once you have taken these journey’s to the Masters and Atlantis you will be able to go again any time you choose for you will know the way. Responding to repeated requests, Patricia has recorded these meditative journeys on CD so you can use them as a guide, or your own memory. After the workshop you will also be able to apply the Rays to yourself or anyone else that you choose to work with, creating greater health, wealth and happiness. You will also have a dynamic and tangible relationship with the Ascended Masters that you may call upon at any time. Use of the Rays and working with the Ascended Masters will transform your life in ways you have only dreamed of in the past. Veterans of the healing arts and seekers of ascension have found that this is a new level of existence. Manual, practitioner certificate, practice time and follow up guidance included Event is held May 11th from 10 am-6 pm

Practitioner Workshop fee is $225

Seven rays Class225.00 USDSeven Rays; Healing with the Ascended Masters
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Patricia offers Seven Rays Practitioner and Instructor Workshops around the world by invitation from a local host.

*Note: Once you have attended any of Patricia’s workshops you are welcome to come join any of the future workshops in that modality for free regardless of how much time has passed since the original workshop.