Patricia’s Bio

The short haired version! The short haired version!


Healing Facilitator, Teacher, Author, Recording Artist, Public Speaker, Channel, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Lover & Friend

The long haired version!
     The long haired version!


Patricia Squires is an empathic and intuitive healing facilitator and Master Teacher who appreciates the humor of the Divine’s Cosmic Winks. As the creator of Keys To Intentional Living for over 20 years Patricia has used DNA Activations, Seven Rays, Reiki, Karuna Ki and many other tools to empower others to heal and manifest the Light to guide them on their path without confusion or pain. She strongly feels that humor helps one keep their sanity and was recently called the Metaphysical Ron White & Dr. Phil combined. Yes, she more than likely will ask you ‘How’s that working for you?” and have you laughing all the while.

Her journey into the healing realms started with her own pain. She has a bone broken on her spine that traditional medicine said would never be pain free and would cripple her for life. She rejected surgery as an option because the professionals told her it would probably make her worse because of the nerve damage she already had. In the years that followed she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and three different types of cancer (cervical, colon and gallbladder). She was electrocuted and had her right shoulder blown up from the impact of the voltage, requiring reconstructive surgery. The combination of her genetic makeup, physical trials and life situations created a severe depression that began to cripple her even further.

Discovering Reiki, in the early 80’s, began the journey back into wellness. This began relieving much of the pain, and expanded her awareness of the world. Awareness of how we attract difficulties, injuries and illness into our lives and bodies to enable us to grow and heal deep seeded beliefs. Being a ‘medical miracle’ people wanted to know how she had eliminated the pain and even repaired the damage from the physical injuries when modern medicine said it was not possible. Doctors were never able to find cancer inside her body, bone began to grow on her spine where it was broken… All symptoms of MS vanished and she has full mobility in her shoulder and arm… Changing life patterns, embracing life options (even the hard ones) and allowing the anger and blame to go, has put depression out of her mind and body… So, by request, Patricia began sharing what she had learned about healing herself and became a teacher and public speaker on the subject of Energy Medicine, and how to heal body, mind and spirit.

The affect all this has on her spiritual journey is profound. She was born with the ability to see and hear the Spiritual Beings. However, she learned that others did not do this, and as a typical child will do, shut it down to not be ‘different’. She now knows this is the main cause of all her physical trials. Opening up to physical healing forced her to open up to her natural gifts as well. She now works regularly with the angels, spirit guides and Ascended Masters. All those wonderful teachers on the ‘other side of the veil’, and she has become an eager channel for healing energy. Many say that this is her most valuable ability, the ability to show others (as Spirit has shown her) how to do the same thing for themselves.  They have also shown her how to recognize and embrace that the most valuable relationship we will ever have is the one with ourselves.  All other relationships are simply mirrors to this primary relationship with ourselves. This is where Patricia has been called a ‘Relationship Specialist’ because of her amazing ability to show you how to  transform the relationship you have with yourself – from often painful and unhealthy to always liberating and healthy. It really is all about you!

Patricia’s journey has taken her all over the world to work with, and study with many masters of all walks of life. She brings to the world her experiences and a wealth of knowledge. Although she is a healing facilitator in private sessions with clients, her primary focus is enabling and educating others to heal themselves, their lives and their relationships with everyone and everything.

Without pain. Without confusion. With joy. With passion.
With a touch of compassion, and a dose of humor.