CDs and Meditations

Patricia offers both journey and energy hygiene meditations.
All her CD were professionally recorded by request from students and clients.
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Journey To Atlantis Click picture for description Journey to Atlantis Meditation CD ~ This mediatation will take you to the beach and you will swim with the dolphins… all on the way to Atlantis! You will visit the city of Atlantis and journey to the Temple on the Hill where you can walk in the same steps as the great healers and meditate in their gardens. You can visit the library for wisdom, meet with the masters of Atlantis, rest and rejuvinate in the Healing Room… This is an unlimited journey Unlike any meditation you’ve experienced. Different every time! At 32 minutes it is perfect for evening meditation preceeding sleep or for your daily meditation practice. $18.95 plus shipping.

Digital mp3 Download available here for $10.00

Meet The Masters Click picture for description Meet The Masters Meditation CD – Ever been to a cocktail party with the Ascended Masters? This is very much like that ~ You meet many Ascended Masters and receive the unique gifts they have to give to you. This is an amazing experience and the opportunity to create or enhance your relationship with the Ascended Masters. This 25 minute meditation is perfect for daily practice or listen to it when going to sleep, and visit with the Masters all night! $18.95 plus shipping.

Digital mp3 Download available here for $10.00

Healing Temple - Click picture for description Journey to the Healing Temple Meditation CD ~ Meet your spirit guides and angels, visit with them in a park unlike any you’ve ever been to before. You will go to a healing temple and be guided to let go all all the things that have been holding you back, or that you’ve been holding on to. This meditation is almost 50 minutes long and excellent for doing as a daytime meditation or as you are going to sleep. $21.95 plus shipping.

Journey to the Healing Temple Meditation free into below

Digital mp3 Download available here for $15.00

These next CD’s are part of Patricia’s Energy Hygiene Series.
You clean your body everyday, what are you doing to clean your energy!
Incension ~ A White Light Journey Within Incension Meditation CD ~ The quest for ascension has led us inward to Incension. Incension is the journey in while relaxing your whole body and healing yourself from the trauma of day to day life. Perfect for cleaning and balancing your personal energy and part of Patricia’s Energy Hygiene Series. After you discover your own Light within you will connect to the Great Universal Energy and have an opportunity to travel through the Universe, dance with your angels or play with your guides. The possibilities of Light are unlimited! This 32 minute meditation is excellent first thing in the morning to ready for your day and equally perfect for when you are going to sleep to clean yourself for a great nights sleep. (Many have called this ‘Audio Ambien’ as it seems to send them right out!) $18.95 plus shipping

Digital mp3 Download available here for $10.00

Soul Star ~ Click picture for description Soul Star Meditation CD – This is an amazing meditation event! You will activate your Soul Star and clear and clean each chakra – results you will feel in many areas of your life. You will connect to both the Divine Energy and the Earth Energy, and enhance your intuition/psychic connection. You will feel refreshed, alert and more aware than ever before (many call this the ‘roto rooter meditation’). This 39 minute meditation is an excellent daily energy hygiene tool to use in the morning or during your daily meditation routine. $18.95 plus shipping.

Free into to Soul Star Meditation below

Digital mp3 Download available here for $10.00

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