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Patricia travels the world by invitation to retreat centers, metaphysical stores, spiritual centers, churches, and private homes and all variety of groups. Contact her if you’d be interested in hosting any of these events or check the Schedule to see if one is going on in your neighborhood.

sacred-geometry-songs-to-get-you-outerspace-with-jornkoning-likesApplied Spirituality; A Series of Round Table Brain Ticklers & Practical How To’s

Do you feel like you are not quite ‘there’ yet? Do you feel ‘There’, yet it is not what you thought it would be?  Feel like you are all dressed up and ready for life, yet… it’s not happening for you?
Are you like many who have studied, read, taken classes and workshops, attended retreats (or any/all the above or more) yet find it difficult to apply much of this knowledge to your day to day life?
Because….  If Only….. My family….
I can’t do that/be this at work….
What would people say if…. Etc…..

Join Patricia and friends at Applied Spirituality events to take what you know and see how to apply it in real time. One bite at a time, if necessary, yet apply it and see amazing life results! Join us as we explore basic, fundamental truths and applications that bring clarity to  your life and create the life and experiences you desire.

You have the knowledge and will fine tune it – possibly even learn more!
You have the experience and will discover more truth from it!

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom

During Applied Spirituality round tables we address how to apply our spiritual insights and awareness into day to day situations, something all Spiritual Beings struggle with from time to time. Bring your struggle and find clarity.  With Applied Spirituality you will discover ways to apply Your Truth and truly gain Your Wisdom.
Wisdom is a truth that breeds peace, contentment, love and compassion.
Isn’t that what we are all trying to achieve?

Applied Spirituality is a series of events/talks/round-table’s that Patricia has created from the demand of her students and clients. Each event is a bite, or a slice, that is manageable and enlightening. Come to one, or come to them all, as each are free standing topics and provide valuable insight into how to truly Apply Your Spirituality.  $25 per 2-3 hour interactive event (time depends on venue and topic for that event.)



DNA Activation Group Talk & Discussion
This is a wonderful group event. Patricia has done this everywhere from living rooms to the Ritz Carlton during High Tea to sailing the high sea’s of the Caribbean and virtually every kind of venue in between. Always a crowd favorite and a truly life changing experience.  More information about this process is on the Key Tools page. Plan on two hours for a group. $50.

DNA Activation Group50.00 USDDNA Activation Group
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Patricia & EveMeet & Greet with International Intuitive, Teacher and Life Speaker Patricia Squires Come meet someone that has seen and lived the Angels and Guides since childhood. Meet someone that had to learn to live in this 3-D world while having one foot in the ‘other’ world at all times.  You will be meeting someone who has died and lived to tell about it.

Patricia has learned to have fun with all the ridiculous (and often challenging) aspects of life while overcoming her own challenges just like everyone else. Patricia has a pragmatic, practical approach and applications of the spiritual wisdom that we all want but don’t always know how to apply.  And reminds us to keep our sense of humor all the while!

If you’ve ever wondered what a clair-‘all of it’ person is like and what she has to offer you and the world? Come meet Patricia and she will share anything you’d like to know about her and this amazing world she lives in! This will not be a ‘message circle’ where she delivers or channels spirit and ancestor messages, but she will share anything she gets during the evening.

This event will also include a group clearing and healing from an issue that is holding you back. This will be done in a group format so we won’t be getting into anyone’s ‘stuff’. Patricia uses an amazing combination process that will leave you feeling lighter and with more clarity. She will also be discussing the DNA Activation process and how it has been a positive impact for the thousands of people who have done it with her (including a bit of her own story as well!)  This is two hour event for $25.

Meet & Greet25.00 USDMeet & Greet
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You Can Do It!Psychic Development  – Visit the Psychic Gym and build your muscles!
This course will guide you through seven Psychic gifts and how to develop them. Learn how sense, understand and interpret the non-physical gifts of the psyche. Exercises in clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairempathy are just some of the exciting things that will be covered in this course. Learn the difference between being psychic and being a channel. Included in this course also is how to clear the psyche for greater access and accuracy, as well as have your third eye opened, automatic writing,  and learn how to see auras and past lives. The Psychic Gym is for both the novice and the veteran. Easy approach and easy application that everyone can use. This life altering course lasts two days, $225, includes manual.

 Chakra Lube JobChakra Lube Job & Aura Tune Up!
In this class you will learn about the ‘wheels of energy’ and the epheric ‘layers of energy’ that are part of your body’s always changing genetic make-up. Discover how these energy layers impact your body, mind and spirit AND how you can impact them to achieve healing and wholeness as well as abundance and healthy passion. You will discover simple things you can do to keep your energy clean, like you keep your body clean! You will also learn how to repair aura leaks and tears. This is a two hour class $35.

Chakra Lube Job35.00 USDChakra Lube Job & Aura Tune Up!
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Angels & Spirit GuidesAngels & Spirit Guides – Meet Yours!
Who are they? What do they want with us? How can they assist us in our lives? The answer to these and many other questions will be answered during this two hour class event. You will also journey to the place of  light where the angels await you. Visit also the realm of your spirit guides to better develop daily and working relationships with both these divine groups. This is a two hour class $35.

Angels & Spirit Guides35.00 USDMeet Angels & Spirit Guides
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Left over spoons and forks from an event!

Left over spoons and forks from an event!

Psychokinesis aka Spoon Bending!
What is Psychokinesis and what does that have to do with bending spoons and forks? Find out yourself about this natural form of psi and learn the basic techniques of mind over matter. Your will find out about its historical documentation, the cultural influences and how to do it for yourself. In the process perhaps you’ll decide to “bend your life” to a more pleasing form as well. This is an experimental event, so bring your spoons and forks!  Two hour learning & living event, $35 and bring plenty of spoons!



Group Healing and Clearing with Messages
This is a great opportunity to have Patricia come to your group and everyone get a healing and a clearing of those things that are blocking them from having the life they desire. Patricia will share any and all messages related to the healing that she gets during this event. $25.


energy-cordCord Cutting
Patricia will guide you through cutting the energetic cords to the past as well as the present. The energetic cords are a natural occurrence between humans and situations – those that are both joyous and traumatic. These cords remain attached and drain us as well as those we are attached to. Many attachments began or are because of a deep desire to help someone else, and in the process often cripple or hamper the other person as well as ourselves. Cords are also an energetic tie to the past… relationships… traumas… situations that leave us unsettled or upset. With a cord cutting session Patricia will guide you through cutting all cords – those which you may consider either good or bad, enabling you to take your energy back in you and all other energies go to where they originated. As we don’t get into anyone’s ‘stuff’ this is completely appropriate for a group setting. A life changing experience that will have you looking at the world completely differently – and give you your personal energy back! Two hours, $35.

Cord Cutting35.00 USDCord Cutting
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Let It Go! Let It Go! Let it Go!

Forgiveness for Everyone! Mark those old emotional debts paid!
Yes, those old hurts and trauma’s are like a debt that you are carrying on your emotional books. Debt that is weighing you down, holding you back and keeping you from living the best life ever. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, not something you give others. Forgiveness does not mean you condone, just that you are letting go. Forgiveness does not change your past, but it sure does change your future. Let Patricia walk you though getting rid of all that debt, that pain, that trauma so you can look at your past, your present and your future clearly and without pain and sadness. We won’t be getting into anyone’s ‘stuff’ so this is perfectly appropriate for a group situation. Patricia is not into the drama-trauma-rehashing of the past, she is all about the joy of Now and the Future!  Give yourself this Joy! Two hours, $35.

Forgiveness for Everyone!35.00 USDForgiveness for Everyone!
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Male & Female Masters Discussed and Channeled

Meet the Ascended Masters – includes channeling
Many of the most commonly known Masters will be discussed including their known incarnations, and some of their lesser known visits to planet earth. Each class will end with a live channel allowing the Masters to share their message with you. This 12 hour course is generally done one night/day a week for six weeks, however, it can be modified to fit different schedules and locations. $125 includes manual.

Ascended Masters Cocktail Party
Come meet the Masters! This is a scaled down version of the Meet The Masters listed above. With this event there is going to be a meet, mix and mingle with the Ascended Masters. There will be many Masters introduced and you will also see how easy it is to get in touch with them. Patricia will share her extensive knowledge of the Ascended Masters and previously channeled information. This is for anyone already working with Ascended Masters, anyone interested in Ascended Masters and those who would like to know, or know more, about the Ascended Masters. You will leave this event having been gifted by a variety of Ascended Masters with a real and personal gift, anda slightly modified Ascended Masters manual from the full event listed above, for you to keep as a reference and use to make notes in. Plus, you will be able to confidently say you are friends with The Masters! $35.


Universal LawsUniversal Laws; What are they? What do they have to do with you?
The Universal Laws are in place and a governing element to our existence like gravity and air. We don’t have to believe in them but they are still part of our lives. The ‘Law of Attraction’ has gained much awareness thanks to Ester & Jerry Hicks, and they only scratched the surface. There is so much more, even to The Law of Attraction. Find out about the basic Universal Laws and how to work with them so your life is enhanced, not hobbled by unawareness. This can be a 2 hour basic introuction evening ($35) or a comprehensive 8 part intensive, where we can get deep into the Divine Wisdom and greater understanding. Learning where and how we can apply these Laws to our life in practical, pragmatic and educated ways. This can be done in 8 two hour segments – one/two per week etc.. or in a weekend intensive ($150).


Akashic RecordsUnderstanding the Akashic Records
In this course you’ll come to understand the Akashic Records in a real and practical way. What circumstances you would want to access the records and in class exercises to learn how to do this is included in this class. This is a two hour class, $35, includes manual.



Eye of GodThe Face of God; In Your Eyes
This experiential event will take you on a journey of self exploration. Not in a drama-trauma way, in a way musical, loving, thoughtful way. This approach will show you what you really think about yourself, and about God. You will discover wonderful loving things about yourself and you will discover those beliefs that you have outgrown but may still be lingering around. This is a group event that is fun, thought provoking and will show that you are not so alone after all. Two hours, $35.

Patricia channeling during a metaphysical cruise

Live Channeling ~ Patricia’s Connection to Angels, Guides, Ascended Master And Those Beyond the Veil             
Patricia has a natural and developed gift for communicating with the one’s we can’t always see with our physical eyes. The messages she receives are generally related to Now time – not the past or the future. Her guides, which she calls The Crew, will direct her and help focus you on Now. This reduces the pain of any past trauma and enables you to create the future you desire.   She, and her Crew, prefers to incorporate relaxation and healing energy with these sessions and not just give ‘readings’. Her holistic approach involves the body, mind and spirit – not just the mind receiving a message. Patricia can also call upon transitioned and Divine beings at will, and is supported magnificently by ‘The Crew’. This has led to invitations for her to do live channeling for groups  by invitation. She delivers a general message from the Divine Beings and any ancestors or beings who have passed beyond the veil, then she delivers individual messages for each attendee. If time permits there is an opportunity for attendee’s to ask questions and have interactions with The Crew. Usually a two hour event, depending on the size of the group.  $35 per person

fireworksLightWorkers/Light Being & Energy Facilitators Summit Conference

By request, Patricia has put  together a 5 hour gathering for LightWorkers, LightBeings and EnergyWorkers to gather and expand their community and support system. (This will ultimately become a weekend and then a week long event!)

Topics Covered during this dynamic Summit Conference:

•  Establishing and maintaining personal Energy Hygiene

•  Ethics and the Role of LightWorker and LightBeing

•  Roundtable discussion regarding being on the planet at this time and any other Light/Life  topic you wish to have addressed

Maintaining ones energy is not about protection or any activity outside one’s self. This summit will provide you with some simple and effective ways to keep your inner and your energy as clean as you keep your body – thus supporting yourself from the inside out! Using some of the same ideas as physical cleansing like Light Shower, Mental Floss, Brushing off energy that is not ours and beliefs that don’t serve us… Like your physical cleaning routine establishing an energetic cleaning routine requires us to create a habit,  it is not hard is simply habit. Get yours boosted with new ideas or start one if you haven’t already. This summit will assist you in recognizing and then choosing those areas you wish to keep ‘fresh and clean’ throughout every day of your life. A personal must regardless of your work, this is also for the Corporate Spiritualist!

Being a LightWorker and/or an Energy Facilitator brings us in contact with many different situations and often provokes ethical and moral questions. The historic way to deal with situations, clients, relationships, friends and even family are no longer working for most people and is compromising their entire being.

Ethics and the Role of LightWorkers, or perhaps more accurately LightBeing, is a vital and timely topic covered during this Summit . Roundtable discussion, facilitated by Patricia, gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts about what was covered during the summit or bring up issues related to living in Light in a 3-D world. This will be an open forum and an opportunity to tap into the 20 plus years experience Patricia has with Living Light and being a professional Healing Facilitator and Empathic Intuitive. Join us for this extraordinary afternoon and reserve your seat now. Raise your vibration with other Lights, $88, minimum group 15 people.

Contact Patricia if you would like to have  LightWorker & LightBeing  Summit in your area or attend one listed on the Schedule.

Unlock Those Locks!

Keys to Intentional Living Developmental Program
This two-day intensive brings to you the keys to develop a program for your life through Intentional Living. These ‘keys’ will put in place for you a working system to unlock all that you have desired in your life, personally, professionally and spiritually. This is a systematic tool for clarity, focus and implementation of your life goals, and a really straightforward outline to update your goals on a regular basis so you stay current with your life plan. The name explains it self. You will discover ‘keys’ to guide you through focusing your intent, and it develops into an easy to incorporate life program. As simple as breathing and as life enriching too! Discover a new approach to the old life and learn to live intentionally!  Two day experiential event $225

Team BuildingPatricia also does group, company and corporate team building and cohesion events customized to your desire and need. Contact her directly for more information and to create  the exact right event for your group.