Personal & Professional Mentoring

Upgrade your life  experience!

Are you ready to create a designer life? Patricia’s Personal & Professional Mentoring Program has been created for you to do just this! 

Patricia wants to  hear what you’d rather be doing than hash and rehash what’s been going on or has happened in your past. This program is all about now.

And how to creat the now you want, in all area’s of your life.  Regardless of where your life is now or what has happend to you. The past can define us, or refine us. Often we are too close to  the past to see how we can use it as a stepping stone, instead of a stumbling block.

Sound impossible? It’s not. Sound hard? Not really.  All it takes is for you to decide to have a better life, Patricia will walk you through the rest.

Patricia has developed a program that is powerful and precise. Pragmatic and practical.
You will find that making this commitment to yourself for three months will change the rest of your life! Change it the way you want it changed!

Professional Mentoring
Patricia has been a professional metaphysician for over 20 years, yes, this has been her ‘day job’ for over 20 years. She knows the unique challenges and joys in this profession. If you would like professional mentoring and coaching to create a successful business for yourself then contact Patricia today and get the jumpstart into the next great chapter of your life. The cost and basic layout is the same as the following Personal Mentoring, however, it is tailored to your desire to create a life sustaining business in the Spiritual and Metaphysical field.

Patricia can also assist you in taking your knowledge and experience and turning it into classes and events. She will walk you through the process of taking your wisdom and creating manuals, outlines and handouts for your soon-to-be students. You will be guided through the logistical, practical and pragmatic steps needed to present your material with confidence and be proud of what you know and offer to the world. If needed, public speaking assistance and coaching will be part of your customized professional plan. (It really is nothing to fear! Learn how to have fun with it!) 

Personal Mentoring Program 

This program is a commitment and unlike anything you have been engaged in before. It is a full life program. We will address all areas in your life. Those areas you like and those areas you don’t like. Patricia’s approach is very holistic – it is Body, Mind and Spirit.

You’ll receive step by step guidance on how to get it how you want it. 

Mission Statement: 

Goal:  For one to be more comfortable and happy in their skin, no matter the situation. 

Our lives are made up of a series of small moments. These create the larger picture of our life. We will look at the smaller moments to create change in the larger moments. In other words, we may or may not address what you think is important to assist you in creating the life you want.

  • Customized Spiritual development program to assist you:
  • Achieve greater fulfillment from your connection with the Divine 
  • To develop specific life enhancing skills of your choice such as greater intuition, seeing aura’s, balancing chakra’s…. 
  • To look  closely at your habits, patterns and beliefs. Some of this program may require you to look deeply into some uncomfortable areas and how the habits and beliefs affect your entire life. 

You may be asked to look at these areas from a different perspective, and this may or may not make sense or are radically different from how you’ve lived your life to date. The results will show you how much sense it makes in the end.

Some of the exercises, discussions and homework may or may not make sense to you. Your success in the Mentoring Program will rely on fully engaging in and trusting the process.

This is a unique and in depth approach to cleaning up and organizing one’s life and relationships

Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to create and life a life of joy, satisfaction and true happiness.

Here is how the three month program happens:
It begins with you completng the Mentoring Program Application and signing the Universal Contract with Self & Patricia Squires.

Once those two steps are completed then we schedule our Initial session to outline goals.  This is not a time specific session,  it will take however long it takes. Recommended you plan on two hours but leave room for a bit extra time if needed. You will leave this session with a plan to implement in the upcoming week 

First month – session every week = 4 sessions
Second month – session every other week = 2 sessions
Third month – 2 sessions plus a final ‘conclusion/direction’ session

There will be 10 actual sessions including the initial session. Sessions are not limited or guided by time. Some may be shorter, others may be longer.

The mentoring program is an investment of three months and $1,200.
One of the best investments you will ever make and one that pays off for the rest of your life!