Community Connections & Links

Recommended Practitioners

Atlanta Area:

Arthur Fretwell – Intuitive, Healing Facilitator and much  more
(This is a dear and old friend as well as client and student. A real doll!)
Atlanta based psychic reader Arthur Fretwell offers psychic readings as well as sessions in Life Coaching, Astrology, Channeling, Massage and is a first class Medium. Arthur utilizes all of his abilities including but not limited to (Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, Claircognisence and Channeling) while giving answers to all your most important questions. Check out his web site http:// and see what he can do for you. At least get on his mailing list as he does special rates and promo’s on a regular basis!

Morgan Hazelwood – Massage Therapist/Healing Facilitator/Native American Studies    (I got an EXCELENT massage from her – two hours including reflexology! Book an appointment with her as soon as you can.)
Neuromuscular therapy is a deep tissue, muscle specific modality that treats muscular dysfunction caused by improper posture, repetitive movements, previous injuries,           stress and sleeping positions.
Reflexology addresses all the major systems in your body to help bring them back into alignment by compressing specific points on the feet in a flowing, rhythmic and very relaxing process.
Reiki intuitively seeks out imbalances within our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves and helps to clear and restore them with Universal Energy through           specific and intuitive hand placements.
Using all three together creates a powerful combination to help you on your healing journey.
Would you like a more restful  sleep, less or no pain during the day and night, be able to move more freely, increase feelings of peace, calm and an over all abundance           of energy?  Call Morgan to set your appointment today! 770-584-2384

My passion is working with my clients to improve or find their spiritual walk.  My sessions may be direct, but they are full of love and compassion and my desire is to assist you in learning how to empower yourself to become the person you truly are meant to be.

Other Recommendations:

Dan Chesbro, Sanctuary of The Beloved, Order of Melchezidek
There really are no words to describe the biology bubble named Dan Chesbro. The human language is too limited. The best that I can come up with is ‘Love on Legs’, he is an amazing (and fun!) human being with an amazing connection to the Light. He does all kinds of classes, session work and such, however, it is the Ordinations into the Order of Melchezidek that changes lives in such a beautiful way. If you resonate with him and the energy I can not urge you strongly enough to find out where he is and go get your Ordination or attend one of his events – not necessarily because you need to, just because you can! Like me, Dan travels by invitation so you can probably get him to come to your neighborhood to share the Love.

Shops and Centers

Atlanta Area:

The Herb Shop, Woodstock, GA
Sally Parsons and her crew at the Herb Shop in Woodstock host a variety of events from yoga to healing to shamanism and drum making on a regular basis, including a regular healing group open to all. To get the latest schedule call them at 770-704-9950 or go to

Conscious Living Center, Canton, GA
Hope Merrill has created a wonderful center for community connections and events. Her goal is  to provide a place to learn and grow, awaken and heal. The Conscious Living Center has workshops, classes, events and interesting speakers to assist everyone to Live Consciously! At the very least get on her mailing list! or call Hope at 770-851-4425.

 Around the Country:

Pillars of Light Center, Winter Park, Fl
Please visit Diana Ewald and the Pillars of Light Center each month for classes and workshops in the Orlando, Florida area to empower you on your journey.

Heaven & Earth Spiritual Center, Palm Harbor, Fl
This is a wonderful place for learning, laughing and generally soaking up the good vibes!

Gaia Spiritual Doorways, Wesley Chapel, Fl
I recommend everyone in the area go to Gaia. They have a weekly support group for those on the path, readers, and many events and activities.  And a really comfy sofa to hang out on and spend an afternoon.

Recommended On-Line Resources – Virtual Community On Line
This generous site is the home place of Steve Rother author of Remember. (A book I highly recommend!!!) The Circles of Light page will show you if there is a group in your area who meet to discuss and share.

Fantastic Get-Aways

Idle Time Lane Cabin Rental,  Dillard, GA
This is a cool, quaint cabin that personal friends of mine own. I spend quite a lot of time in this neighborhood enjoying the view and taking soul breaths! It is an 1800’s cabin that has all the amenities and a loft bedroom. (And an outdoor hot tub!) Call Johnny & Gaye 706-746-2270. Tell ’em I said Hi when you talk to them!

Spiritual Retreat in Puerto Rico
Two bedroom, 1 bath beach front apartment for vacation rental and soul renewal. Fully equipped, just bring your clothes and your food! Contact Sandy at or call her U.S. number 813-943-3666. There are some pictures on this website