How to Host Patricia

Patricia currently travels by invitation only. You can host her at your home, church, center, or place of business by getting a group together. Workshop require a mininum number of people to cover any travel cost. Contact Patricia to find out what the minimum number would be in your area (usually around 10). For talks/events that she is in the neighborhood for there is no minimum number unless the event/workshop is set up for certain group interactions.

In exchange for hosting any event, you receive your activation or workshop for free as her thanks to you. And many workshops have a ‘Bring a Friend Discount’ where both people get $25 off attendance cost.

Free Events You Can Host:
You can also host a ‘Meet & Greet’ aka “Meet The Weird Lady!”, so your friends and group can meet Patricia, she will answer questions, share perspectives and do a free group healing. This is an opportunity for everyone to meet her and see if they resonate with her wit, wisdom and unusual look at this world we live in.

Patricia is also available to come speak to your group about a variety of topics, bringing her wealth of knowledge about empowerment, healing and the human condition. Most hosts take donations for these talks for the group to show their appreciation for Patricia’s time. Discuss this with Patricia and she will share with you how these events usually work. Some popular topics are:
Judgement vs Discernment – What’s the difference? Which Serves You Best?
Control – Got it? Need it? Want it? A new perspective on an old topic/issue!
I Thought I Was Past This! – Why we keep revisiting things we really want to be done with!
Have another topic in mind? Get in touch and we’ll discuss it. If Patricia does not feel she is the best person for a topic she probably knows someone who is!

Paying Events you can host:
DNA Lectures/activations
Reiki workshops
Karuna Ki workshops
Seven Rays; Healing with the Ascended Masters workshops
InnerSpeak Empowerment workshops
InnerSpeak Card workshop
In Your Eyes; Discovering your own Soul-interactive event

Psychic Development – Visit the Psychic Gym and build your muscles!

Meet the Ascended Masters – includes channeling
Understanding the Akashic Records
Chakra & Aura Tune Up!
Angels & Spirit Guides – Meet Yours!
Psychokenisis aka Spoon Bending
Cord Cutting

For more information contact Patricia directly at or call her at 404-247-8086.