Key Tools

This page has descriptions of many of the tools Patricia uses in session and that she teaches. Energy Medicine is the foundation of all her session work but sessions can also include messages from your angels, guides or ancestor or even your inner self!  What she’s learned she shares with others so they too can better empower themselves. These tools are described in a way that you will know what to expect when we are in session or if you would like to get these tools for your own tool bag!

Energy Medicine could be described as a uniform healing of the body’s energy system. Quantum physics has proven everything is made of energy, and energy never dies it just changes form. The natural human order is health of body, mind and spirit. As you may have discovered energy can be blocked, changing form from healthy to unhealthy, from flowing easily through the life and body, to pain, confusion and chaos. A question to ask yourself is ‘Are you choosing to be part of the order or part of the chaos?’ A look at your life and general health often provides your answer. Patricia’s tool bag is filled many options for natural order. Her given and developed intuitive ability combined with several forms of energy medicine is the base of the services she provides. She brings opportunity to heal and create a better life in private sessions, workshops, Life Coaching and interactive events, to put the power into your hands so you can do this for yourself and others. Here is a description of some of the Key Tools she uses and offers to you (NOTE: All her courses are available privately if the schedule does not match yours or the class you desire is not being offered publicly) :

DNA Activations
DNA Activations are without a doubt the single most transformative event a human can experience. Patricia has found this to be true because the healing and updating for the individual continues forever, as she has witnessed personally and through the thousands she has worked with. It is a gift you give yourself that keeps on giving, to bring more and more positive  results!

What are DNA Activations?
DNA Activations consist of two individual integrations that bring your physical DNA and your non-physical (Spiritual – Latent – Virtual) DNA together creating a communication and clarity that last your entire lifetime. Our physical DNA holds all our physical information, or genetic background that comes to us through our blood relations or ancestors. Science has discovered that inside these sub-cellular strands everything from our eye color to our finger prints are encoded. This is the blueprint for our physical body, for all we are physically. Science has also discovered that these physical DNA strands can be altered and damaged. Physical trauma, emotional trauma can alter the physical DNA as well as things we take for granted such as going through airport security and medical x-rays. These alterations affect change in our original physical blueprint.            

Non-Physical DNA
Around the physical DNA strands is our non-physical DNA, which contains of all the information about you that is not physical. This could be called virtual or latent DNA. Some call it the soul or higher self. It is your spiritual DNA and holds all the information of who you are non-physically. This includes all information from past lives and future lives (as time is not linear as we have been taught to think, but is indeed circular and is simultaneous to the now.) An easy way to think of it is when a psychic or reader tells you about your past lives, current trends or future events, they are ‘reading’ your spiritual DNA.

DNA Activations; The process
DNA Activations could also be called DNA Integrations, for that is what happens. Your physical and non-physical DNA is integrated to create a communication between your physical self and your non-physical self on a sub-cellular level. Your spiritual or virtual DNA is stacked on top of your physical DNA, which creates this communication bringing clarity and cellular rejuvenation in an extraordinary way that goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without drama and trauma. Patricia will guide you through a white light visualization to assist you in relaxing and accessing your higher self, yet remaining mentally alert. Then you will be guided through the statement of intent while Patricia brings your spiritual DNA and stacks in on top of your physical DNA through her energetic and intuitive skills. All in an Easy, Peaceful and Harmonious way! The first part of the process is primarily physical. Getting your original physical blue print (or better!) back in place, allowing your body to easily find its balance again through the activation of the youth  and vitality chromosomes. Anytime after two weeks we can do the second activation, which brings in all the remaining latent or virtual DNA strands. These are the strands that are encoded with the mental, emotional and spiritual blueprints. However, there have been many reports that these  strands are ‘tickled’ with the first activation, so you  may notice heightened physical and non-physical awareness in these areas directly following the first activation. You then will have a unique knowledge about yourself and your environment that will lead you a greater understanding of yourself, what works, what does not—AND WHY. This will come to you as a deep inner knowing, usually with a sense of peace and heightened awareness on all levels. This is an invaluable key into the interior of creating health, wealth and happiness in you and for you. It puts you in the place of action not reaction, with your environment and relationships. Once the two activations are completed you need never think of them again, for they are done! However, a bonus with Patricia’s activations is that you will        be shown how to be proactive and enabled to work with your own DNA. Through DNA Commands you will be able to accelerate desired results and work specifically with any area of your life that you choose, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial.

Some commonly reported results


  • Increased water intake
  • Dietary taste change (i.e. you will ‘know’ what your body needs at any given moment and have a passion for it, creating a healthier and often trimmer body!)
  • Increased physical energy
  • Nail and hair growth acceleration and strength
  • Cellular rejuvenation – inside and out


  • Heightened awareness
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Understanding why negative situations are in your path (then you are in the place of passion to create positive ones in their place)
  • Relationship changes (In an easy, peaceful, harmonious way)
  • Attraction of abundance in all areas of your life

How and Where
DNA Activations can be done over the phone and in person through scheduling a private activation, or in a group setting. This is a set ‘formula’ and there is no diving into individual ‘issues’ so a group activation and a private activation is identical. However, the results are unique to each individual’s physical and higher self. If you do not see listing for a group in your area contact Patricia to find out about and receive your activation for free. Group activations include a free – no obligation – lecture about what this process is with question and answer time for those considering having the activation.

Group activations are $50 per person/per activation. Private session (in person or by phone/Skype) activations are $80 per person/per activation.

Check the schedule for a group near you.

*Note: Once you have done and paid for the activations you are welcome to come join any public group, anytime in the future for free! Not because you need to, just because it is fun!

Seven Rays; Healing with the Ascended Masters
 This is ancient, yet cutting edge technology within Energy Medicine. This modality profoundly changed Patricia’s life and healing work. With the Seven Rays you have access to seven of the Divine Healing Rays that have specific applications and affects to the human condition. Patricia uses the Rays during individual sessions to target specific physical, mental or emotional issues that can benefit from the presence of the Rays and/or the Ascended Masters that facilitate these Rays, often with astounding results. As with all healing, these Rays come directly from God, and then move through the Temple of the Ascended Masters. At that point the Ray and the Ascended Master come down to and through the earthly healing facilitator, where the energy is then applied to an individual. An intense and strong connection to all the Ascended Masters is part of being a Seven Rays facilitator, expanding an existing relationship (according to those who have attended a workshop), or creating one for you. Personally Patricia’s connection to those non-physical beings was expanded in such a way that she now has access to them in her day to day life, not just when she is ‘in session.’ With the same daily use you can to!

During these workshops you will experience:

  • A guided journey to Meet the Masters (A life altering event!)
  • Discover, cleanse and strengthen your Soul Star and chakra system
  • A journey to Atlantis where you will meet with your own Ascended ‘team’
  • Receive the vibrational change to the frequency of the Ascended Masters where you are a vessel for the Rays for (this is not a ‘learned’ modality, but an ability that is transferred from teacher to student)
  • Extensive practice time with the other workshop members

Once you have taken these journey’s to the Masters and Atlantis you will be able to go again any time you choose for you will know the way. Responding to repeated requests, Patricia has recorded these meditative journeys on CD so you can use them as a guide, or your own memory. After the workshop you will also be able to apply the Rays to yourself or anyone else that you choose to work with, creating greater health, wealth and happiness. You will also have a dynamic and tangible relationship with the Ascended Masters that you may call upon at any time. Use of the Rays and working with the Ascended Masters will transform your life in ways you have only dreamed of in the past. Veterans of the healing arts and seekers of ascension have found that this is a new level of existence. Manual, practitioner certificate, practice time and follow up guidance included

Seven Rays Instructors Course for Seven Rays Practitioners
This weekend you will go inside the energy of the Rays in a truly physical way, giving you the wisdom to teach it to others. You will also learn the formula to initiate others into the Universal Family of Healing Rays. The Masters have finally given Patricia permission to take you where she goes with the Rays and Masters. This is an experience you can’t find anywhere else. She is also the only that can initiate anyone into the host of the Ascended Masters in this manner, so you too can be a Master channel for this unique healing energy, creating a deeply personal relationship with the masters in addition to being able to teach it to others.  This is a special gift that Patricia is able to share with you with great pleasure. A personal and professional must for all Seven Rays Practitioners..

Practitioner Workshop fee is $225, Instructor Workshop fee is $500.

Seven Rays Master Class500.00 USDSeven Rays Masters\Teacher Class
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Patricia offers Seven Rays Practitioner and Instructor Workshops around the world by invitation from a local host.

*Note: Once you have attended any of Patricia’s workshops you are welcome to come join any of the future workshops in that modality for free regardless of how much time has passed since the original workshop.

Unlimited Reiki
Patricia has been a Reiki Master for almost twenty years and acknowledges that this healing modality laid the foundation for where she joyfully is today. All private session work with Patricia involves Reiki. And like all her key tools, she can do this in person or remotely. Patricia has studied Reiki all over the world with many different Reiki Masters, giving her an extremely well rounded view and vast experience with Reiki. The Reiki she does, and provides workshops in, is not limited to any one ‘school’ or thought process, hence the name Unlimited Reiki. She has taken what she discovered to be the essence of Reiki and created an extremely user friendly modality, perfect for all ages and backgrounds.  Her youngest known active Reiki Practitioner began assisting in sessions when he was two years old.
Reiki is an ancient healing modality that combines Divine Guidance (Rei) with the Universal Life Force energy (Ki- also known as Chi, Prana and Mana.)  There are three levels, or degree’s, of Reiki that cover all areas of the human existence. Reiki is not a learned modality, but is an ability transferred from teacher to student through an ancient process called attunement. The first degree attunement will enable the individual to access the relaxing and healing Reiki energy on the physical level. The energy will flow down from God, The Divine Source, into the practitioner’s head, filling their body and then coming out their hands, often accompanied with a sensation of warmth and/or pulsating. Everyone can do this, no prior training or belief system requires. It compliments any current therapy and is a great place to continue, or start your healing, healer or spiritual journey. It does not take a major investment in time or money. It simply takes the commitment to improve your life. A Reiki session takes approximately one hour and is similar to massage in the relaxing benefits. Your body slows down, your breathing returns to normal and your blood flows more naturally. This allows the body and all the organs to function more normally. This breaks away blocks to your energy, which can be especially helpful to healing damaged organs and tissue. The Reiki process can also reduce pain significantly. Your mind slows down the constant chatter and you drift to a wonderful peaceful place. This is the place where your mind and spirit begin, and then continue, their healing process. At that time you soar with your spirit and the Divine, allowing a Spiritual Connection like you’ve never experienced. While this is happening the Reiki energy goes where it is most needed, propelled by its inherent Divine Guidance. The second degree attunement enables the student to access greater amounts of the Reiki energy and the workshop gives you exact information on how to send Reiki long distance, and over time and space, such as past traumatic events or future events that you would like to be the best possible. You will also learn how to send Reiki to mental/emotional issues that would benefit from a healing, either in a physical session or from a distance. During this workshop you will receive three symbols, or keys, into the interior of the Reiki energy that will magnify the power, access the mental/emotional component of the human make up and to send Reiki remotely. The third degree is also the Master Teacher level. You will receive the attunement that fully opens the practitioner to the Reiki energy, the Master level, and all the information on the ancient process of attunements. You will be given written instructions on how to perform attunements and will practice on other attendees. During this workshop Patricia will share with you her vast experience on the practical aspect of holding workshops for any size group and prepare you for presenting all the Reiki material. Many who attend this workshop never intend to teach or share Reiki. The do so because of the intense bump of ability that comes with this level. Over the years Patricia has known many who originally came to her Master/Teacher class with this intention, however, over time their lives have shifted in a positive way and they were glad that they had the material to teach Reiki on hand. Follow up guidance with Patricia is included in the cost of any of her workshops

All Reiki workshops include a manual, a certificate and practice time with workshop members in the presence of an experienced Master Teacher.

First Degree Practitioner workshops are $150
Second Degree Practitioner workshops are $175
First and Second Degree weekend intensives are $275
Third Degree Master/Teacher workshops are $495
Private classes available, contact Patricia for more information.

Check out Patricia’s Reiki (and Reiki Infused) Art on her Spirit Art page.

*Note: Once you have attended any of Patricia’s workshops you are welcome to come join any of the future workshops in that modality for free regardless of how much time has passed since the original workshop

Karuna Ki
 Karuna Ki is an enhanced form of Reiki. Karuna is a Tibetan/Sanscrit term, which means ‘compassionate action’. Patricia also calls this Ascended Master Reiki because of the intense connection with the Reiki Guides and Ascended Masters. You will receive 12 additional ‘keys’ or symbols to get into this deeper vibration of the Reiki type healing energy.

Karuna Ki is a profound personal and professional tool, Patricia uses these additional symbols often in her private session work with great results. Reiki knowledge not required, but Reiki practitioners and Masters are encouraged to discover this aspect of healing previously            unavailable to them. One of Patricia’s students, a veteran Reiki Master himself, refers to Karuna Ki as ‘Turbo Reiki’ because of the results he has experienced. The Karuna Ki developmental attunement process has proven very powerful and has effectively enlivened Reiki and other symbols, by releasing a greater power inherent in them. The Karuna energy has a higher vibration than traditional Reiki and those who have received the attunements report experiences with their inner guides, angels and higher self, as well as feelings of being more grounded with a sense of clarity and purpose.

Karuna Ki is broken into three degrees, with four new symbols and techniques given with each level. The third degree is the Master/Teacher level where you will receive all the information about the attunement process as well as how to present the Karuna Ki workshops.

First, Second and Third degree weekend intensive $495 (Fri. pm, Sat & Sunday)

Check out Patricia’s Karuna Ki (and Karuna Ki Infused) Art on her Spirit Art page.

*Note: Once you have attended any of Patricia’s workshops you are welcome to come join any of the future workshops in that modality for free regardless of how much time has passed since the original workshop