Private Sessions

Patricia is intuitive, purposeful and empowering. She is dedicated in guiding one on their quest out of the familiar comfort zones toward your higher goals with a sense of balance and peace. Everyone who is on the path of self and/or public service is in a constant state of self evolution, Patricia included. It is what allows all of us to grow and find new joys and passion in our lives.  It also allows us to let go of what does not work for us, creating space for greater and more intentional discoveries. We are all in the process of being more specific, at times learning and other times Re-Membering, as Steve Rother says.  Here are some of the services that Patricia offers to you to assist in in this endeavor.  Some offer clarity and others smooth the edges off when things get uncomfortable or feel muddled.

A session with Patricia will take the old energy out of the body, tickle the mind and open up new supportive energetic and spiritual pathways. She don’t have a formula; in addition to what you desire, she is guided by intuition and experience.  A powerful and productive experience.

Sessions available in person, via phone or Skype.  A series of three sessions is recommended, but not         required. See pricing below. (PayPal button at bottom of page. Type in service and amount.)

It is not necessary to know what you want!
Patricia is brilliant in assisting individuals in narrowing down the options and moving through the confusion that is often present in life. Simply book a private session with her and together you will be able to develop a plan to achieve your goals! 

One of the main and first things Patricia recommends is to have your DNA Activated. This is a major step in clarity, peace, health and a deeply personal awareness. Information about this can be found on the Key Tools page.

Patricia can assist you in many ways:

* Help you in letting go of the dynamics that are no longer working for you

* Clarify your direction – ask about the Life Action Plan

* Opening your third eye

* Psychic Surgery Aura and Chakra Repair and cleansing

* See what hidden factors stand between you and happiness

* Address any specific challenges in any area of your life

* Discover why you keep doing the same thing in relationship patterns

* She can help you establish a clear and open connection with Spirit

* Life Coaching working with the information from a private session. Patricia is a brilliant guide through the tides of life

* She can provide you with a new more productive mindset that will be a stepping stone to more positive perspectives and greater life experiences

Private sessions with Patricia will consist of many things, and as Spirit guides her to proceed. That can, and often do, include Reiki, Karuna Ki, Seven Rays, InnerSpeak Cards, and messages from your Guides, Angels, Ancestors and the Ascended Masters. Life coaching, Brain Training and specific Keys to Intentional Living is part of your private session when appropriate. No two sessions are the same because your needs are different each time.

Most explanations and descriptions of the things mentioned above can be found on the Key Tools Page. Here are a more that are not listed anywhere else:

Brain Training
Brain Training is part of Patricia’s holistic program of Body, Mind & Spirit. Too often the mind is ignored in the spiritual and metaphysical world. The mind is a valuable part of who we are and it is unrealistic to think that you can go Om and get zapped with some spiritual energy and all the sudden your well trained mind is going to be completely different. Unrealistic goals (or magical thinking i.e. fantastic thoughts without physical, spiritual & mental alignment) are often the greatest source of frustration when one is expanding or creating a new path. Patricia’s Brain Training addresses these mental blips that often lead to stumbling blocks along the way. She has a tried and true way of assisting clients in recognizing, addressing and choosing their thought patterns instead of running the same old program that they have recognized as not working for them. Patricia’s philosophy is that our minds are to follow our lead, instead of us following the direction of our mind’s old patterns and beliefs – especially when we are intentionally creating change and expanding our lives and abilities.

Energy Medicine Sessions
These private sessions with Patricia are unlike any other you may have experienced. She brings a wealth of information and tools to you in assisting you through or into any area you desire.

Because she is working with levels other than the physical her work is not limited by the laws of physics and therefore can be completed from a distance (remote sessions). This means the information and healing energy is just as precise as if she were in the same room with you.

A combination of energetic tools and modalities are used to create the best possible healing for you. Reiki, Karuna Ki, Seven Rays,  psychic surgery, energy and chakra balancing and repairs of the aura. If desired you can also remove energetic cords that keep you hooked to unhealthy relationships or past events. Once these cords are removed you are free to define or redefine those relationships from a place of peace and harmony. Patricia also knows that physical health is a reflection of our inner health and can guide you through these challenges to a place of wellness in all aspects of your being.

Sessions in person relax the body deeply through the application of healing energy. Generally, a warm feeling will be what your physically experience, though some have reported a tingling sensation moving through their body, even when not being touched! When the session is done in person, you will remain fully clothed while lying on a comfortable relaxation table during the entire session.

In person or from a distance, Patricia takes notes during the sessions describing what she sees’ and hears from your angels and guides- the Divine Beings, and any other ‘impressions’ she gets, including what your body tells her directly. She shares these with you at the end of the session to assist you in gaining even more insight into your healing and often life events and/or beliefs that created the blockages in the first place. If the session is done remotely, notes from the session will be emailed to you and Patricia is available to answer any questions that may have regarding to her impressions of the session. She has found that a three session series often gives you the best results, however the single sessions stand on their own in clearing issues and  are truly effective. At least one hour.

Private Intuition Development
This is one on one guidance and instruction on developing your own intuition for daily and professional use – regardless of your profession.  Patricia will help you recognize and let go of blockages and open pathways for you to trust yourself and Spirit. This is an individualized program that may include: Opening your third eye, meditation, practical daily exercises to develop the ability to hear and listen to the ‘inner voice’, fun ways to play and learn with and from Spirit.

Interactive Intuitive/Psychic Healing & Channeling
Patricia can provide for you messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors and the Ascended Masters during your session. Her main goal is to assist you in being able to receive the messages directly for yourself, so part of this process is guiding you to the place to receive your own messages. She does this through a straight psychic viewing, channeling, and when guided,  in conjunction with divine energy to assist in clearing  any blockages that may currently be in your day to day life. This is not a typical ‘reading’ it is a real interactive experience, unlike anything you have ever done before.

DNA Healing
Patricia is now offering DNA Healing sessions where she accesses your physical and spiritual DNA and accelerates your process profoundly. After a DNA Healing many have reported back awesome results physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Patricia only offers this to those that have had their DNA Activated with her, to facilitate a quicker and deeper alignment, and can target a specific area. DNA Healings will accelerate your journey into your original blueprint (or better) and can address specific issues you wish to work with.

Cord Cutting
Patricia can guide you to cutting the energetic cords to the past as well as the present. The energetic cords are a natural occurrence between humans and situations – those that are both joyous and traumatic. These cords remain attached and drain us as well as those we are attached to. Many attachments began or are because of a deep desire to help someone else, and in the process often cripple or hamper the other person as well as ourselves. Cords are also an energetic tie to the past… relationships… traumas… situations that leave us unsettled or upset. With a cord cutting session Patricia will guide you through cutting all cords – those which you may consider either good or bad, enabling you to take your energy back in you and all other energies go to where they originated. A life changing experience that will have you looking at the world completely differently – and give you your personal energy back!

Forgiveness – Mark all those old debts paid!
One of the most positive things you can ever do for yourself. Patricia will lead you into forgiving your entire past – including yourself. Along with this you will learn how to maintain the forgiveness ‘book’ so you can do it for yourself regularly to keep your ‘books’ balanced.

Feeling Broken?
Allow Patricia to guide you through retrieving those valuable pieces that you feel have broken through trauma, pain and despair. Retrieve and heal those pieces that serve you and let the other self sabotaging pieces go to the light.

Other things available for both private sessions and group events:|

Meet Your Angels & Spirit Guides (Check out CD page for a dynamic and healing guided meditation for this as well.)

Spirit Art – While Patricia delivers messages from your Angels (and possibly Guides and Ascended Masters… and honestly any other Beings of Light that come in… We never really know who will show up!) she will paint the colors and shapes that are shown to her. This can be done in person (with advanced notice that you wish this kind of session) or remotely and the painting can shipped to you.

Chakra Lube Job – Open, Heal and Balance your chakra’s.

Aura Balancing and Repair

Session Cost: (Any combination of the above)

One hour: $125 Two hours: $215. Additional half hours available for $50 per half hour

Get greater results – and a discount – by purchasing a package. 5 sessions for the price of 4 = $500.

DNA Activations – $80 private, $50 group.

Give her a call and you can discuss what you are looking for.  404-247-8086

Get started today with the greatest relationship you will ever have – the relationship with yourself!