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An open message to the Abraham Group that was responsible for hosting Patricia for a Meet & Greet Event:
Hello Everyone… First I’d like to thank you all for allowing me to host the second workshop for Patricia Squires…she was amazing! Her career path has given us very insightful gifts that we can take out into the world to use as our life advancement.  The healing circle really hit home for us and left us feeling very excited and happy about our future.  My (private) session also was enlightening and I believe dissolved some blockages that I have been holding onto for a few years and really made me realize that I truly hadn’t let go and my reasoning for going through what I did to gain more awareness of my journey.  I am so excited to do the DNA Activation at Unity church of Chattanooga on Friday night… looking so forward to aligning my body, mind and spirit! Thank you all for the lovely experience and a huge thank you to Patricia Squires for her amazing abilities.  Love to all..
Chattanooga, TN
Nov. 2013

An open message to the Abraham Group that was responsible for hosting Patricia for a Meet & Greet Event:
I enjoyed opening my home to our group and having Patricia Squires in my home as a guest to introduce her gifts with the Meet & Greet. I had the opportunity to have a one on one (private session) reading and found the message and energy to be healing, clearing and on target.  This modality was just what the ‘Inner Healer’ ordered. I certainly will call into play the higher suggestions offered here. For me ‘Everything is Energy’ and that is on different frequencies. “Souls Live Upon Many Planes” and we  can attune to work with this on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   We are never Alone and guidance exist.
It was wonderful to have a full turnout of members and guest. Patricia’s relaxed way of putting us at ease and giving an account of her personal journey that has brought her to her NOW was insightful.
Interestingly that the ‘common thread’ within a group was shared several times. There were many ‘syncs’ for me with many present and some who were beyond the veil.
The Reiki Healing Focus was well received as we have many in our group who practice.  I believe there is a quote “Healer Heal Thyself” and Patricia gave us ample ways to assist ourselves for higher expression.
Chattanooga, TN
Nov. 2013
Simon Duffy has written an endorsement of your work as Owner at Keys to Intentional Living on LinkedIn. General Recommendation
Details of the Recommendation: “Patrica is a remarkably wise and hard  working woman. Her outstanding expertise and depth of knowledge makes her an inspiration to all who come into contact with her. I highly recommend her services.”          
Service Category: Personal Growth Consultant          
Year first hired: 1998 (hired more than once)          
Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
May 26, 2009
Ever since the second DNA  activation I have been walking around with my Advisory Council close at hand. I am slowly learning to listen in a new way, and it is very subtle, and I realize I have been listening without knowing it in the past. At times it is a bit irritating and delightful at the same time,  when I ask a question and then realize that I already knew the answer, and I just need to do it. A big answer is “calm down” and when I do it, everything looks different. How could I have not known that before?
Lots of love,
Sioux City, Iowa
Pat, thought you might be interested in what’s been happening since my session with you on Friday (1st DNA Activation). In our staff meeting on Monday, I could see my bosses aura. I’ve never seen one before . I just kept staring at her, then looking  away. Whenever I looked back, it was always still there. No color, but I could see a faint outline of light around her. During a meeting with a small business owner on Monday afternoon, she was talking about what she would really like to be doing, and I could see her in the future, and all these words just starting welling up inside of me trying to get out to tell her about it. I felt like a fortune teller — I wouldn’t tell her any of that, but was able to talk to her about her particular gift for working with women and reaching them in their hearts, and was  able to give her some ideas about groups that she might start getting involved with. It seems that you did something on Friday which has heightened stuff for me . I thought you might find it interesting.
Light and Love….
Marietta, GA
(Classes & Private Sessions)
In a way all your students are almost like your children as you have helped us all grow in so many ways.
Love Always,
Atlanta, Ga
Thanks, Patricia…I was very impressed by you!!! Your (DNA) talk wasspontaneous, and yet very articulate, interesting, engaging and just awesome!!! I was riveted the entire time!!! I can’t wait to try this…with you. I really need some stuff to “drop in” and just help me
jump a big step forward…and I think you might be just the facilitator I need to do this. I will contact you in later April…and I can’t wait to benefit from the skills you’ve been given.
Marietta, GA
(DNA & Private Session)

Oh my god I feel a lot better Pat!!!! I actually had a good day at work and I don’t feel drained!! I really can’t wait to take the Innerspeak class.
(Articles & Thoughts) Oh my god Pat. Your article on Spiritual Defrag was more than needed. This winter has been hell. I have been chronically depressed, spiritually confused, fatigued. I also have just started to feel a shift for the better. I just wanted you to know that your article was seriously right on the money and needed.
Love, light, and clarity
Derrick Fields
Carrolton, Ga
(Keys to Intentional Living): These (Keys) are wonderful. You are really hitting a core here that no one else is addressing. 
My first encounter with Patricia was one of, “Have I met you before!” From that first moment on I knew she had been placed on my path to gently guide me in my own personal journey. I first took the DNA activation classes. The results from the activations gave me an intense clarity and knowingness that came from within. Patricia’s abilities as an instructor and mentor are phenomenal. Her presentation of information for one’s understanding, is done with love, ease and balanced humor. You can feel her sincere desire helping each person manifest their true potential. Having recently taken her “InnerSpeak” course, I can not express the benefits that this tool alone has given me. I came away from this experience with the confidence that I would use InnerSpeak to help those in need. To often in the past I had taken class’s and not felt confident or secure in being able to use the material I was given. I began using the tools from InnerSpeak         immediately and feel that my confidence in using it is due to the way she instructed. A huge thank you to you, for sharing this beneficial tool  with me. I am sure I will learn more from Patricia in the future and I encourage everyone to experience Patricia’s wonderful energy. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by email. Thank you again Pat.        
In Light, Love and Gentle Nudges – Debbie Connelly
Deborah L. Connelly <dconnelly@i-is.com>
Algonac, MI USA –
I have take Patricia’s DNA 1 & 2 and I have noticed a lot about myself and I have also gained a friend out of this DNA 1&2 classes, Patricia has truly been a friend in need for me during my first DNA Activation I was having some physical problems and Patricia was their for me to help me and guide. Thank you Patricia for being their for me and other you         our TRULY a Wonderful person. I love your CD’s. I love you and can not wait until you come back to Michigan!
Love and Light Marianne
Marianne Haines <mshaines@wowway.com>
, Mi USA –
When I first met Pat, a part of me knew that I was to learn from her, though I could not know how that would affect me. Shortly thereafter, I was privileged to receive my first DNA Activation from her. The changes in my life began immediately and were nothing short of profound!! Since that time, I have periodically taken advantage of her free refresher” (once you have attended a workshop or activation, you are invited to re-take the same at no cost)and these too have accelerated my life. I also was a student of Pat’s Seven Rays (Healing with the Ascended Masters) weekend workshop in July 2003. During this time, I was introduced to the Ascended Masters and the depth of their love in bringing the Rays to us. This is a gentle, loving healing that you can self-induce or bring to clients with whom you are, or will be working.  I am grateful to Pat for her caring, her willingness to share her gifts with others and for the ease with which she imparts her techniques.
Debbie F.
Marietta, GA USA
Patricia’s work and healing advice has been a blessing in my life! She helps me to retain and sometimes, regain, my balance on this crazy wheel of life. As a student in her workshops, I’ve learned new ways to integrate my beliefs into the corporate world, be a better writer and channel, and to better hold healing space for my clients. I highly recommend Patricia’s classes and sessions for anyone that wants to see positive change in their life, have a closer relationship with Spirit and the Great Beyond, and live with more passion!
Heather W.
Duluth, GA USA
I felt a real connection to you.  Your ministerial philosophy really resonated with me, too.  I think if more religions embraced the bigger picture as you have done so gracefully,  a lot of the world would be a lot happier. 
(Private Session )I would say that I’m doing well.  I’m feeling pretty even-keeled and emotionally balanced which is a wonderful thing full of value because I’ve spent the last year climbing the walls emotionally – going from one emotional extreme to the next.
Other than that, I’m still processing, I think. 
I’ll be back in contact soon!
I love your great sense of humor, Patricia!
Giving you a big hug,
Sheri D.
(DNA, Private Session & Classes) Just got back from Cody, Wyoming.  Had a lot of time to reflect on the road.  Realized how important you are to me and how much difference you have made in my life.  This is not a boy girl thing.  In fact I cannot even put a handle on it.  You are just special to me in ways that another human has never been.  I know that you are special to many and have made a difference in many lives so I am just telling you and thanking you for being you from all of us. 
My experience of Reiki I and II class was more than learning a new healing technique, but entering into a new level of awareness of spirit and God.
Verna B