Time & Money

This winter has started off with a bang, with many feeling a bit disoriented. It started in December with the winter solstice on the 21st. Traditionally winter is the time to go within, as bears go into their cave – we go into ourselves. Many are out of work, afraid they will be out of work soon, or are not happy with the amount of income they are generating. We all go through phases where we have more time than money or more money than time. It makes sense – when the majority of our time is spent making money then our time is at a premium. This winter season is giving everyone more time, so to speak. Generally, winter is when our recreational and social schedules slow down so we find that we have more time on our hands. If work has slowed down as well, as it has for many, then that adds to the amount of time that is unstructured in a day.

I’ve been working with clients, as well as myself, on this time we have on our hands. My ‘crew’ (i.e. spiritual guidance team) has brought to me the time honored phrase that we can all ask ourselves “If time and money were not an issue what would you be doing? We all have more time on our hands right now so why not play the ‘what would I do’ game? Time and money are never issues in themselves, but we often make them issues out of fear.

The best way to find out if these are issues in your own life is to listen to the dialogue that goes on in your head about these topics (or any topic for that matter.) Fear will bring you nose to nose with excuses, blame and victim mentality. Be especially aware of two words that mean justification has been engaged – ‘Yes, But’. When you hear ‘but’ the box is firmly in place to keep you doing the same thing the same way, the definition of insanity. “I have bills piling up”, “my family does not support me in my spirituality or desires”, “My boss and everyone I work with are jerks.” Really, what does that have to do with how you spend your time? It is your time, not theirs. The quality of your day is completely up to you. You may sell your time to your employment, but the expression of that time is determined by you.

Yes, we all have responsibilities. Endeavor to fulfill those responsibilities to the best of your abilities. Then live your life as if you were on vacation. You’ve got the time, why not do something different with it. The first thing that comes up for me when I ask “if time and money were not an issue” is that I’d flitter off to Bali and live on vacation at some wonderful pacific resort where all my needs were catered to. I can’t do that right at this moment because of responsibilities, but I can create many of those aspects in my life. I can live as if I were on vacation, take care of myself in ‘spa’ like ways – bubble baths, candles, eating healthier. I don’t have to wait for the money or the time. I’ve realized that most of what I really want does not involve money, just time.

Turn off the TV and color in a coloring book, even if you don’t have kids. A box of crayons and a coloring book cost less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks. For that matter skip the coloring book and color on paper bags or cardboard that is in your garage. Take a walk through the neighborhood. Go downtown and look at the old buildings or drop into shops and art galleries. Just like vacation, meander through your time. Get into the habit of looking people in the eye. Most have gotten in the habit of going so fast they never look other people in the eye, especially family. If you feel disconnected then this is vitally important, and no one keeps you from doing it except yourself and the habit of not doing it.

Use your time to find out what makes your innards giggle. If you have a passion do more of it, passion is never about money it is about doing what makes you feel alive and vibrant. If you don’t know what your passion is then simply do things differently and let the passion rise up in you. Put on your favorite music and sing and dance. Don’t worry about your family or roommates – so what if they think you are crazy. Keep on doing it and they will join in before long. What really matters is you use your time differently and in a way that feeds your Being. It may take a while as your own giggle has been suppressed for so long in the all mighty quest for the dollar, but give your Spirit the attention it deserves doing something fun or creative. Your life is a work of art. Only you decide if it is expressing what you want it to.

The unexpected bonus of living this way is you sleep much better. Have you noticed that you sleep better when you are on vacation? When you allow your body and mind to meander it has a chance to refresh itself. Worry is a lack of trust. Plus, most people ‘wish’ they had time to meditate as part of their spiritual development. Here is a news flash – meditation is not about spiritual connection. It is about quality of life that enables you to live spiritually connected. It is about non-mental focus. It is about breathing. Many of my clients highly recommend my Incension CD to assist them in this non-mental focus. I’ve heard repeatedly that they have replaced Ambien sleep medication with my Incension CD.

When we live as if time and money are not an issue, they are not issues. This is very simple and very spiritually supported. Humans are the ones that make it complicated, and in the process we tie ourselves up in knots way too often. So live “as if” from joy and possibilities – instead of “what if”- from fear and judgment – and your time will take the shape you desire. The money will follow.

Jan. 2003