Energy Hygiene

Energy Hygiene is a combination of words that has come to me several times over the last year or so. It is a variation of many things I’ve heard before but when my ‘crew’ gave me this is really made sense in its application and its urgency.

When I began to define Energy Hygiene for myself and others I actually broke the words down individually then put them together for greater understanding. (Being a writer that is one of the ways my mind works!)

Energy is something we all know about but often define differently. I think of energy as being the non physical aspect of everything that exists. The basis of quantum physics is that everything is made of energy. When scientifically and manually reduced everything physical and non-physical comes down to a wave of energy. Everything is energy including all aspects of us; all the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual pieces and parts.

Some think of energy like the power company that they pay their monthly bills to for electricity and heat. That falls into my description as well. That energy is non physical as well and it is part of our lives. We may not know how it works but that does not take away from the fact it exist and the role it plays in our lives.

Everyone has an ‘energy field’ surrounding them. Some circles call this the aura, others simply know the feel of their own energy field, and at times are in tune with other’s energy fields. We’ve all heard ‘waking up on the wrong side of the bed’ and it is a reference to our energy field and it being out of balance. Other times we can walk into a room and know that there is something wrong or that we’ve just interrupted an argument. The flip side to that is we can like something or someone and not know why, but know that it is a good space or good people as we define it. Regardless if facial expression or body language we can often tell if someone is an angry person or a kind one. This is picking up on someone’s energy field. Too often the focus is on other’s energy fields and no attention is paid to our own. Or at least not enough attention is paid to one’s own energy.

Our bodies are made up of energy too. Our skin, our muscles, organs and bone are made up of a combination of different ‘energies’ to create the whole body. As the body is a compilation of energy it is also part of our overall operating system just as our neurological component is part of the body’s operating system. Non physical energy runs through our body just as blood does. Blood is considered a connective tissue because of its origins in the bones and because of its functions. I consider energy a connective ‘tissue’ as well because of its origins and functions. Energy is a non-physical connective tissue as it binds the physical and non physical self together in harmony or imbalance.

My example on the physical and non physical connection is the brain and the mind. The brain is obviously physical and the mind is obviously non physical. The brain can be fine but the mind imbalanced and thus affects the entire operating system of the body and all the related energy. Therefore it affects the life as well. They are all interrelated. In addition, the physical brain has an energy that is inherent to its physiology.

The mind is non physical but from the thoughts the mind has it can create physical form through action or speech, or through the impact on the energy system creating illness or disease. Our bodies and our energy are a mirror image. When balance is in one it is in the other. And when imbalance shows up in one area it shows up in another. When our energy is running a negative pattern or is out of balance it will create physical illness, injury or disease. Much scientific research has been done in this area and is well documented. I’ve had many fascinating and interesting conversations with medical doctors and trauma specialists on this topic.

Continuing on with the individual definitions I think I define hygiene pretty much the same as everyone else. It means practices associated with ensuring good health and cleanliness. I just have expanded that definition to include the non physical self as well.

These two definitions together is where Energy Hygiene came from and the foundation of where I’ve learned so much about the subject.

Implementing Energy Hygiene

I use the same principles to clean our energy that I do to clean the body. Begin with creating an energy hygiene routine and then do it regularly. Follow this routine as regular as the one for cleaning your body.

Creating an energy hygiene routine will take the same trial and error path that we went through with creating our physical hygiene routine. We’ve tried different things to find out what works best for us. Our parents taught us the basics on how to bathe and shower. Over time we’ve fine tuned what we learned. Some shower all the time, some take baths. Others alternate between the two. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening. We also have tried a variety of soaps and shampoos. We’ve modified over time what works for us, and continue to modify it as the need arises.

The same goes for Energy Hygiene. And knowing this going into thinking about it and creating a routine will helps us all tremendously. Know that the same thing probably won’t work forever. You may need to update or change your routine periodically to maintain the energy balance and/or cleanliness you desire.

You may need to try different things but you can find out what works for you. You can tell what works by how you feel each and every day. Think about the last time you changed soaps and it did not work. You were either too oily or too dry, but you knew that what you had was not what you wanted and then tried other things until you found something that did. The same thing applies to cleaning your energy. When a soap does not work for you, or does not work for you anymore you don’t stop bathing! Remember this when things seem too overwhelming or difficult in developing a regular Energy Hygiene routine.

Why We Need This

During the course of our day we pick up things energetically. Interacting with the world at large gives us exposure to energetic debris that clings to us like dirt clings to the skin. Another common saying is “I need a bath after being in that place(or with that person)!” We feel that way because we’ve picked up a noticeable amount of incompatible energy. We also pick up an unnoticeable amount in our daily life. Over time it builds up and we can feel sluggy/irritable/sad.

That meeting at work or interaction with a client or customer changed our energy in some way. If it was a good meeting or interaction we walk away with that energy and the associated feelings that came from it. The same goes for us if the interaction was not so good or even down right disturbing. The energy is now in our operating system. This type energy absorption is especially true in intimate or family relationships. We take on other people’s stuff on a regular basis. Even if it is good, we need to clear off the other people’s energy and take the good feeling ONLY and incorporate it into our operating system through the feel or memory of the experience. That way we make it our own and are not dependent on others for those good feelings.

There is also the effect that our thoughts have on our energy system. Negative thoughts will clump up, some immediately and others over time and create change in our body and life. Positive thoughts will also build up and affect our operating system much the same way. However, when you have been having positive thoughts or repeating affirmations and mantra’s there is generally positive affects on the overall system of being. And ironically, when you clean your energy intentionally on a regular basis, the good affects seem to multiply. There are many reasons for this, but the most basic one is that we are created in such a way that healthy, happiness and joy are part of our most fundamental being. When we apply any of these energies it actually strengthens us and has something good and supportive to attach to.

Regardless, daily cleaning will prevent any build up and make us aware of how our thoughts and our interactions with the world affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

There are a number of ways to bathe the energy. And yes, here comes the dreaded M-word – Meditation.

Meditation! That’s So Hard!

It really does not have to be hard. Here is my quick definition of Meditation as I’ve come to understand and work with it. Meditation really does not have to be hard. Meditation does not have to take a lot of time. Most westerners have a bastardized definition of meditation that comes from some solid productive eastern practices. These practices have been distorted or misapplied to the western lifestyle.

Meditation is simply intentional focus of the mind, then one’s energy and spirit follows. The point is not to ‘go out there’ somewhere, but to go in to a place of quiet and peace where all things are possible. This place of internal peace and quiet is like a garden. A garden we must cultivate and tend to on a regular basis or it is ragged and overgrown. And yes, regardless of who you are and or where you live you can have a garden. Even if it is a small widow box you can have a garden. So don’t believe for a second that you don’t have an inner place of peace and quiet. It is there, but perhaps it is simply overgrown with all the things you do. For those who already believe that meditation is hard I suggest you don’t call it meditation. Call it Quiet Time or My Center Point, or whatever else you can come up with that you are comfortable with and state’s your purpose.

I find that there are two groups of folks who meditate or who have tried to meditate.

The first and most common group are those who basically have the ‘been there, done that’ approach. This group generally says they don’t need to do routine meditation or they say they can’t meditate. Either way, this group of people has come up with excuses not to even try.

Part of these people believe that is useful for some but not them. They convince themselves the routine is not for them. ‘I can’t or don’t meditate because My Mind is too strong to do it… I don’t need to sit still and meditate I get it driving… or walking in the woods… or watching TV.’ Excuses, excuses, excuses, not a reason in the bunch!

The flip side of this group is that they use not meditating as a bat to beat themselves with as they are “not strong enough’ or ‘not wise enough’…. They say they don’t know how or they are deficient in some way. Blah Blah Blah…

When I talk to these folks I generally find that they have created (usually with help) such a convoluted definition of what meditation is that it is overwhelming. “You’ve GOT to do this or you’re not meditating” or “You MUST do that…” that the basics are completely lost in the shuffle. The basics are simple. You become still (in what ever position is comfortable), you close your eyes, you breathe and you focus your mind on one designated thought. That’s it folks. There’s the beef, all the rest is extra.

The second group of folks who meditate are those who only feel they’ve ‘really done it’ if they go out of body and have some huge life altering experience. Anything less is ‘not real or good enough’. These are usually the one’s that say their minds did not ‘turn off’ and that they were still ‘aware’ so they must not have been meditating so they don’t ‘waste’ their time anymore.

News Flash! If your mind turns off you are dead. The goal is not to turn off your mind but to train it like you would an unruly toddler. You direct and guide them until they can follow your lead into the direction you – as the adult, as the one in charge – wants them to go. Most of humanity has given over control to their unruly mind. You are not your mind. However, most people don’t realize that. The mind is an aspect of us that we’ve allowed to run amok and then everyone in the operating system agrees that the mind is in charge so that must be who we are. Instead we’ve put the equivalent of an unruly toddler in charge of the family – or in this case our entire being. And like working with an unruly toddler repetition is the key. Doing something again and again is the only way to get the results you want – especially when working with your mind.

The only thing hard about that is being in charge of ourselves and the Doing it! Otherwise we engage in victim mentality and are at the total mercy of the people and situations around us which never works out the way we’d like. (In all reality those around us would probably like to have us involved in this game called life, even if it takes a bit of adjustment in the beginning.) But remember, doing something over and over until it becomes natural is how we all learn, why would meditation be any different?

Think of it as learning to write with your non-dominate hand because the similarities are there. You are working with the other side of your brain than you usually do. It will feel awkward at first and only through repetition will you get comfortable with it. When comfort has arrived then confidence soon follows, and then you will feel successful.

Meditation Myth

I know we don’t have to turn around three times, bark at the moon and touch our left heel to be able to meditate but most people don’t know that. It is not hard nor does it have to be time consuming. If we make it hard and/or time consuming we won’t do it. That is one of the major differences between eastern and western approaches to meditation. We did not grow up watching our elders take time for contemplation and solitude. Our parents and elders were usually too busy and their health and life chaos reflected it. So when trying to fit a new thing in our busy schedules we think of all the ‘time it will take.’ That is an illusion. Time does not change to our routine, we change our routine to time.

Along these lines I’ve recorded a CD called Incension to help folks train their mind to be still and it is less than thirty minutes long. Thousands of times I’ve had people tell me that they can follow my voice but can’t do it on their own. That is what lead me to record Incension, so we have a voice to follow. I’ve kept it short and sweet because all folks have to do is turn the TV off thirty minutes earlier each evening.

I use this CD myself when my mind is wanting to flitter here and there – like an unruly toddler. It not only is a great meditation tool but it also puts into place the practice of focusing the mind anytime you want it to go in the direction you desire. The benefits of meditation are especially helpful in times of stress or despair as well as when you have a lot to do and need to prioritize or meet a deadline. However, waiting until one is in crisis is not the best time to start a meditation routine. But if that is what brings you to it, then start then and keep on going after the crisis is over. You’ll be better prepared for what ever comes your way in the future and more likely to remain balanced and handle any situation with a more level head.

Another form of energy bathing is imagining that you are standing under a shower of golden or white light. Imagining how it feels on your body and how it would feel running through your hair. You can take it further and ‘allow’ it to seep through your skin into your body and all its organs and bones.

I have hundreds of ‘visualizations’ like this shower visualization. They are all simply points of focus for the mind that takes us out of the day to day routine. I also have a ‘place’ I ‘go’ when I want to focus in instead of out. I’ve created a retreat in my mind. I’ve ‘built’ a building, landscaped, decorated… It is totally unrelated to my day to day life and I can escape anytime I want. Even during the day when things get hectic with life stuff I can close my eyes, take a deep breath and visit my retreat. Through repetition (years and years I’ve been doing this particular exercise) my body responds to the simple thought of this point of focus. Ironically, it was this something I started back in the mid 90’s when my life and mind were in chaos. This is the exact exercise I used to train my brain to turn off at night so I could sleep. Worked, and still works, like a charm! Repetition makes it easier to focus anytime we desire regardless of what is going on around us so we are capable of cleaning our energy anytime and anywhere.

Doing positive visualizations that are unrelated to our life or active thoughts gives the mind training to focus on more than the obvious and trains it to go where we desire – AND it cleans our energy in the process. My ‘retreat’ has a back deck over looking the ocean and I imagine the wind blowing all energy that is not mine away. Showering in Light, wind blowing over and through us, waterfalls, swimming like a dolphin in the water are some of the other possibilities you might consider. What does not matter as much as simply DOING IT!

How Does This Work?

When we put ourselves into a place of positive thought and positive experience through the mind we replace the energy that is clinging to us from our day or our thoughts. We feel refreshed like when we have just taken an invigorating shower, or relaxed like after we feel from a long hot bubble bath. After meditating or using creative visualization we usually feel both – invigorated and relaxed. There is no other way to access the depth of these feelings than through meditation or focused positive mental experiences. Once you’ve felt it you know that the usual definition of invigoration and relaxation are pale in the reality of what is truly possible.

However, bathing our energy field and the energy of our bodies requires that we intentionally alter our approach and thoughts; after all we’ve not been doing this so we must make some changes.

Think of it as being a caveman being presented with the idea that he needs to take a bath. His first reaction is ‘Why? I’m plugging along just fine like I am. Why do I need to learn to bathe? That is just ridiculous!

Well, over time the cavemen learned that bathing was essential to reduce infection and skin irritations, some of which lead directly to death. The cave people also learned that it made them feel good. Cleanliness leads to better health and physical longevity. Energy Hygiene does too. It reduces stress in the body, mind and spirit enabling us to live healthier, happier lives. For those who are expanding their awareness beyond what they we taught as children it is imperative that regular energy hygiene be part of their day to day life.

Expanding Our Awareness

Most humans, at one time or another, realize that what they’ve learned is not enough or what they are doing feels like it is not enough. They feel a void in their lives even when they have achieved ‘success’ as they or their family and culture has defined it. The usual response is to ‘work harder’ and achieve ‘more success’, yet the void remains. Many are surprised that the larger house, newer car and country club membership did not make them feel complete. They then either start the cycle over again or simply resign themselves to never feeling complete or good enough. This opens the door for resentment and anger to come in.

What has happened is that individual has applied themselves, usually physically or mentally to their job or profession. They got the golden ‘IT’. It is usually a disappointment after a few minutes. However, we are more than our bodies and we are certainly more than our minds. In addition to the energy system I’ve been talking about there is another non physical element of us that I generally call spirit. Different people have different words for this spirit portion of self, such as soul and/or higher self but that other non-physical aspect of self is what I’m referring to here.

Once we have the golden’ It’ – or have come to a place where we think we’ll never have that golden ‘IT’ – we begin to think more esoterically. We turn to things related to philosophy or the Divine, either though the religion we were taught as children or through empowering self help books and information, or a combination of both.

Due to the inherent structure of organized religion many feel it is not open enough or through enough. That it does not answer those nitty gritty day to day issues that we all have. Some feel tricked or lied to because of their ‘religion’ and unfortunately throw the baby out with the bath water. If God were real then all these bad things would not happen to the world. If God were real then my prayers would be answered….

Another Area for Energy Hygiene

When life does not meet our expectations and or beliefs I find that this is another area where energy hygiene can help. I think of this as similar to brushing and flossing our teeth daily. Everyone had a build up of beliefs, similar to how the way the things we eat and drink builds up in our mouth. We need to brush our teeth daily to prevent build up. When too much builds up in our mouth it begins to erode the enamel of our teeth, or gets jammed between the tooth and gum causing infection. We’ve got to be diligent in maintaining our teeth to prevent the painful effects of build up.

The same goes for our minds and our belief system. The build up can be about spiritual matters or how the world operates. Every time we are exposed to a new thought or way of doing things it lays on top of our existing belief system or way of doing things. Often we then decide what to use and what is not for us. From this exposure and experience over the years we have our belief system.

However, there are experiences and thoughts that ‘feel’ right or are working for others and we want to incorporate them but don’t know how or they contradict what we already believe or do. Some challenge us so much that we become fearful and express it through scorn or ridicule. Meantime, these new thoughts or experiences stick in the mind like a piece of hard candy that has stuck to a molar or on the side of a tooth. We’ve either got to swallow it and let it move on through our system or we’ve got to get rid of it so it is no longer an irritant. This is where brushing and flossing our thoughts and beliefs come into usefulness.

Mental Floss

We’ve all had what I call ‘hard thoughts’. These may be anger or belief that life is a rat race. Hard thoughts may be about themselves or someone else. A couple of contradictory or hard thoughts that I’ve personally encountered and that come up often with clients are thoughts like “It’s a dog eat dog world’ vs. “Do unto others as you’d have done to you” or negative self talk vs. we are all children of God. My all time favorite is that many religions espouse the philosophy that we are unworthy and unlovable as we are (we must be saved) but God loves us anyway. That is a perfect training for us to go out and pick the people who are unworthy and unlovable to spend all our precious time and love trying to ‘save’. These are just a smattering of type of thoughts or even experiences that create mental conflict that ripples throughout the entire system that is Us.

We must brush off our thoughts regularly. If something tickles our mind or our soul we need to follow up on it even if it does not fit into the life that we currently have or does not match our religious or cultural beliefs. To spit out a sweet morsel because ‘someone’ deemed it bad or unfit will build up resentment inside us. The reverse is true as well. If we adopt a belief or action (being an accountant because your parents expected it of you comes to mind) will also build up resentment. Then one day you wake up angry at the world and don’t know why. Sorting and separating our beliefs from within us can be complicated and take time, but more than worth the effort. I mean, this is your life we’re talking about after all. One’s belief’s determines the quality of life.

Brush your mind regularly. Notice when there is something new on your own personal horizon. Decide what to keep and incorporate or explore, and spit out the rest as not yours. After all we don’t all like brussel sprouts, and some people really are allergic to them! Just because it is accepted or ‘normal’ does not automatically mean it is for you. Take the time to determine what is and what is not. My practical personal experience with this is how I learned to brush my teeth. Brush twice a day for a good long time. Use a stiff brush and really get them clean. In my 20’s a dentist asked me about my ‘brushing routine.’ After I told him what I did he said that explained what was happening to my teeth. Apparently, I was literally brushing the enamel off my teeth creating weakness instead of strength. For someone that had never had a cavity it was hard to hear that there was something ‘wrong’ with my teeth. There was nothing wrong with them except what I was doing to them. Since then it is a softer brush and shorter, more frequent brushings. What was ‘right’ for everyone else was definitely not right for me.

What does flossing our teeth have to do with this?

Sometimes pieces, parts or chunks of what we’ve taken in get stuck. These are the really hard thoughts that cause irritation, pain or life distress. These are beliefs or actions that we hold on to long after we’ve realized that they are actually doing us harm or not getting us what we want in life, or simply thoughts that are not right as we know right to be. A lot of what I do in session work with clients involves recognizing these stuck pieces and getting rid of them. I call it Mental Floss. It means getting down to that which is really not working and working it loose and then treating that area of their life.

These are not always easy tasks but it is more than possible. It may involve admitting to yourself that you don’t want to be an accountant and no matter what you do to make it better it is simply going to fester more and more until you can no longer do anything else in your life. It is amazing how many people hate their jobs and they keep on doing them! I’ve got to have the money… I’ve got a family to support… it is all I know how to do…. These are excuses not reasons. When I see this it takes me about 3.5 seconds to also get the person to tell me how their health is deteriorating, their relationships are full of chaos and drama, how they hate to see the sun come up in the morning to the same ole same ole thing.

My response is ‘And you do this Why? For your family?” We delude ourselves into thinking that we won’t get support from those around us if we ‘floss’ these things out of our lives. If your family does not want a healthy, happy, passionate member then you need to look at changing your family structure. Not necessarily physically change the people, but change what you’ve trained them to expect from you. But before you can do that you’ve got to change your own expectations of self. Yes, you’ve got to change yourself before those around you will change. After all, you are the one that taught them how you are. This is where we’ve got to be real. Really real. We start this by defining things that we’ve never even looked at before. If we don’t know what we want we can’t blame anyone else for us not having it. That is total victim mentality and worse than the unruly toddler of the mind. Especially for people working on expanding their awareness, their enlightenment or ‘ascension’ it is unforgivable. It is a total breach of energy.

A good brushing and Mental Floss keeps us fresh and ready for the next bite of life. This should be done daily just like we brush our teeth. And like a full dental cleaning, we should schedule regular appointments with ourselves to review our mental state and see what if anything needs to be addressed that may be bothering or irritating us and create a plan to address it. Solo vacations or weekends away with ourselves are great times for this. Doing that leaves us refreshed and invigorated – and ready for the next ‘bite’ of Life!

Other Aspects of Energy Hygiene

The next part is similar to when we trim and buff our nails. The reference to brushing and flossing our teeth directly related to things physical that we put in to our mouths, and it covers the part of our life that is physical – though experience or interaction with others. Our nails are different in that they are going to grow regardless of what happens to us on the outside. It is a basic function of the body. So is our emotional and spiritual maturity. These are natural functions that will keep on as long as we live. Yes, traumas and difficult experiences can chip or break parts of us, just like our nails can be chipped or broken but the growth will continue regardless. The question is will we grow broken and chipped or whole and buffed?

Emotional & Spiritual Maturity

We live, we learn, we grow. It’s that automatic and that simple. How we live, how we learn and how we grow is within our ability to control. We can remain reactionary to the world around us or we can choose the direction of our lives and within that framework respond according to how we are or how we desire to be.

This is not an Om Kum Ba Ya approach or theory. There is real life application possible here. My example is I was accosted one evening in the parking lot of an apartment I lived in once. While the young man was literally in my face screaming I chose to believe that this had nothing to do with me. He was not mad at ME he was mad at the world. I was on the receiving end of one of his really bad days. In that moment I went out of fear and into compassion for the guy. I made the conscious choice to not be part of his bad day. He was not going to ruin my good day – or my new belief in humanity, because it was a NEW belief! – with his behavior. I did not engage in his anger so he was basically forced to stop playing his game with me because I was not playing back. I stood firm, making eye contact with him but I refused to see him as a bad guy. In the moment when he was threatening to ‘cut’ me he lost all steam and just looked at me. I can’t say what he saw but his anger deflated for that moment; I believe it was because he could not find anger, fear or negative judgment from me. He puffed back up, but it was as he was walking away from me and back to his buddies in the car. He was basically mouthing off, but took no action except to leave. To make a long story short I reported it to the police and to the apartment management. I was still real clear that I’d been the recipient of someone else’s bad day and told the manager of the complex of my belief. Sure enough, from my description they knew who I was talking about. It was someone that I’d never seen before, a young man who was having a hard time and had taken up with a bad crowd. I told them that instead of pressing charges I wanted to have a sit down with the guy. The first thing out of his mouth was he was sorry and he had been have a ‘really bad day’ and he would regret what he did for the rest of his life.

Years earlier that episode would not have ended like that. It use to be that my belief system that it was a dog eat dog world, strike first and hard. In my old belief system I would have seen him as a threat and engaged in defensive maneuvers, instead I saw him as sad. It shifted the entire situation. (But during the entire episode I never lost sight of my physical safety. I knew he could crack at any moment so I kept fully aware of my possibilities and options.)

My instinctive reaction – full awareness but with non engagement – was a pay off for my own personal emotional and spiritual growth in a real life situation. And at all moments I chose to be in control of my feelings and emotions as well as my actions. I still do. This is something that I’ve had to teach myself, it was not something I learned growing up. The world supports reactionary living instead of pro-action living.

We see it every day on the news, to the point that road rage is part of our consciousness. Traffic happens to everyone. Inconsiderate drivers happen to everyone. It is our choice as how we react to it. We can take it personally and think they are ‘out to get us’ or we can think ‘Wow, I’m glad I’m not them because they are having a really bad day. I’m choosing to let this person go on their merry way without my energy attaching to them.’ It is the old adage that stress is not what happens to us, but how we react to what happens to us.

Emotional and Spiritual maturity comes into play all the time. How mature we’ve become shows in those moments of stress and how often we engage in judgment of others. If we don’t like the feelings or actions that we engage in use those times to show yourself what and where you’d like change to happen. Then do whatever needs to be done to give yourself the knowledge on how to make it so. I had taken those steps over the years. At that time in my life the repeating phrase which I was running through my head 50 times a day was “I choose differently now. I choose Love, I choose Light, I choose Joy” and I refused to let that guy force me to choose differently.

In this way I think of buffing off the old, like we do with our nails when we buff them out to a nice healthy shine for ourselves to experience and for all to see. Find what works for you. I personally have a huge reference library that I’ve collected over the years. This library is filled with books, people, experiences and many different forms of therapy. We all have to admit that we don’t know what to do or how to do it. If we knew we’d be doing it. This is a real commonality in all my work with clients. Realizing that we can’t do the same things the same way we’ve always done and expect different results. My friend Jean calls this the definition of insanity.

We also need to trim off the parts that ‘hang’ on and cause pain. This is especially relevant in our spiritual beliefs. As we become more interested in spirituality or metaphysics then it is vitally important that we buff and trim or our underlying belief system will kick in and we’ll feel like failures or not spiritual enough. The same goes for those who live within traditional religious frameworks as well. If you find yourself doing that your religion says or you’ll ‘go to hell’ for then you need to buff back the layers and discover why you do them. Is it self sabotage or is it lack of belief in the framework you’re living in? Trim away the old and put in place a new belief – THEN LIVE IT! Buffing and trimming where needed. This is a multi-step process that is unique for each individual, but it is possible.

Outside Assistance

Through my education and 20 years experience I’ve noticed patterns that are part of being human, my own and others. During session work with individuals I am able to see the most painful patterns and how they play out in different areas of their lives, generally because I’ve experienced it myself in one area or another. Ironically, a lot of folks come to me to have their third eye opened, or to develop their psych abilities or intuition. They just know that if they could see and hear their guides and angels their life would be perfect. I wind up asking them how they are going to trust that intuition if they don’t listen to it about what job to take or what the body says to have for dinner. If they are not seeing and hearing what is really going on in their day to day life what makes them think they’ll see and listen to their guides?

I can be a bit frustrating but the pay off is great for those who choose to live intentionally. These are the same steps that I used, and still use in creating the life I desire with quality people and experiences in it. Things have to have a practical use for me or it is unimportant as far as I am concerned. It may be fun, or different but not really important from my point of view. I offer a mix of practical and intuitional steps to develop the life and the soul fulfillment they desire.

I may not be the person for you, and that is fine with me too. My point here is we really are part of a larger community and we should avail ourselves to all its resources (after all we buy soap, shampoo and nail clippers! That could be considered outside help too!) As ffor any services I offer take what you can use and leave the rest. But get out there and make contact. Be an active part of your own life and know that there will be times when you are the wise one and other times when you need a wise one. Or you may simply need someone that has made it through what you are going through. Why be Louis & Clark when you can take the interstate in your air conditioned car?

One place to start, or continue being your own wise one is making sure you engage in your own personal energy hygiene. Go ahead, you can do it. I know you can. And if I can be of any assistance please let me know.

May 2007

Are you interested in training your brain? Due to tremendous positive feedback Patricia recommends two of her CD’s; Incension and/or Soul Star to help you calm all the mental monkey chatter and build your focus while allowing your energy to be cleansed and filled with peace.

 May 2007